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This version of Pastures of Plenty, my favorite Woody Guthrie tune, was recorded during a session for the Smithsonian-Folkways tribute album titled ‘Roll Columbia’ but was not intended for the CD.

My version of The Song of the Grand Coulee Dam was included on the CD.

Produced by my good friend Joe Seamons, it features many North-West musicians.

David and Tracy Grisman accompanied me on mandolin and bass on both tunes.

notes from Smithsonian and link to project;

Roll Columbia: Woody Guthrie’s 26 Northwest Songs is a trove of new discoveries, and a celebration of Guthrie’s genius and lasting contributions to both the history and musical traditions of the Pacific Northwest. In 1941, the Bonneville Power Administration commissioned Guthrie to write songs to help promote to the public the construction of dams along the Columbia River.


from the Rattletrap Rukuc recording RedLight Rag

in loving memory of Mr. Lucas Hicks

a live recording of the Blackberry Bushes

“My Way Home”

Micaela Kingslight’s new album is now finished and ready to release on 2/2/2020.      You can sample it here:


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Produced by George Rezendes and Micaela Kingslight

Recorded and mixed by George Rezendes at ToolShed SoundLab, Port Townsend Wa.

Mastering and assistant engineering by Camelia Jade Lazenby